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Cataract Surgery Specialist

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Choosing an experienced ophthalmologist who’s highly skilled with the latest technology is the most important thing you can do when it comes to cataract removal and lens replacement. At Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, renowned cataract surgeon Stephen Wolchok, MD, understands that you don’t trust your eyes to just anyone. He’s a compassionate physician with extremely high standards, which is why he uses a unique type of laser surgery, femtosecond surgery, to give you the cataract surgery results you deserve. Call the Jacksonville, Florida, office, or book with online scheduling today.

Cataract Surgery Q & A

What causes cataracts?

Cataracts are usually related to natural changes within your eye lenses. At approximately age 40, proteins within your eye lenses start a slow deterioration process. As these proteins break down, they form small clumps that create clouding in the lens. They worsen over time.

Cataracts can also develop after trauma to the eye. Certain factors, including cigarette smoking, alcohol overconsumption, and excessive sun exposure, can contribute to cataract growth. If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, or if you undergo surgery for a serious eye disease such as glaucoma, your chances of developing a cataract increase. 

When do I need cataract surgery?

It’s rare to need cataract surgery immediately after diagnosis because they generally grow so slowly. The team can monitor your cataract and help you take steps to slow its growth. 

Your provider may eventually recommend cataract surgery if your cataract causes cloudy or blurry vision that prevents you from normal activities like reading, driving, participating in hobbies, and enjoying a good quality of life. 

How does cataract surgery work?

At Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, your provider uses a unique, cutting-edge approach to cataract surgery called femtosecond laser removal. In this type of cataract removal, your provider uses a laser to perform the following steps that are traditionally performed by hand using a scalpel:

Corneal incision

The team designs a highly precise surgery plan using optical coherence tomography, a high-tech 3D scan of your eye. This allows maximum control over the corneal incision placement, depth, and length. 

Anterior capsulotomy

In the anterior capsulotomy, your provider programs the laser to remove the front part of your lens capsule. This exposes the cataract for removal. Laser precision is highly useful here because it’s vital that the back of your lens capsule remains in place. That portion of your lens capsule contains your new intraocular lens. A femtosecond laser allows for ideal lens placement after removing your cataract.

Cataract removal

Using femtosecond laser energy rather than traditional ultrasonic energy for cataract removal means less heat in the incision. This reduces the chance of accidental leakage, capsule breakage, and complications like retinal detachment or astigmatism after the procedure. 

Your provider then places your intraocular lens, which replaces your old lens and corrects your eyesight at one or more distances. 

The combination of your expert Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, ophthalmologist, and cutting-edge femtosecond laser allows for a previously unknown level of precision, safety, and reliability in cataract removal. Call the office or book online to learn more now.