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Eyeglasses are your ticket to clear sight, and Stephen Wolchok, MD, is here to help you enjoy both good eye health and optimal sight at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to annual eye exams for all patients ages 10 and up, Dr. Wolchok determines your prescription and makes sure you get the glasses that best fit your needs. Use the online booking feature or call the office today to schedule an appointment.

Glasses Q & A

How do I get my glasses prescription?

Your provider at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA performs a visual acuity exam that includes eye charts and other vision tests during your comprehensive eye exam. 

If you need glasses, your provider checks your vision using a series of lenses. You’ll tell them which lenses are better and worse until arriving at the ones with the ideal prescription for you. 

If you need or want contact lenses, the team also takes some eye measurements, including corneal curvature and pupil size. This allows your provider to determine whether you need specialized contact lenses, like toric lenses for astigmatism. 

What else is included in a comprehensive eye exam?

In addition to your visual acuity and prescription tests, the team may conduct the following types of tests during a comprehensive eye exam:

  • Peripheral vision: side vision checks for early indicators of glaucoma or another eye disease
  • Pupil retraction: evaluates your pupil response to bright light 
  • Eye movement: how your eyes muscles work to help your eyes function as a team
  • Intraocular eye pressure (IOP): checks your IOP, as high IOP can indicate glaucoma 
  • Outer eye health: cornea, iris, and eye lens exam
  • Inner eye health: retina and optic nerve exam

The team generally uses a slit-lamp exam to see your eyes in detail during a comprehensive exam. Depending on your situation, they might also do advanced tests like optical coherence tomography or fundus photos for a more in-depth evaluation. 

What if glasses or contacts can’t correct my vision problem?

If glasses or contacts can’t correct your vision problem due to an eye health issue, you may need surgery. Dr. Wolchok can perform a full evaluation and then can perform surgery if necessary.

With your eye health issue resolved, Dr. Wolchok can determine your prescription and help you choose the eyeglasses or contact lenses that suit your needs best. 

If you need new glasses or contacts, call Wolchok Eye Associates, PA or book an appointment online today for the optimal prescription.