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Red Eyes Specialist

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Red eyes often signify an eye problem like severe irritation, blood vessel swelling, infection, ulcers, or other issues. Because of this, it’s essential that you seek expert care at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, in Jacksonville, Florida, before the problem grows so serious that it causes permanent damage. Compassionate ophthalmologist Stephen Wolchok, MD, combines superior technical skills with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best in eye care, so book an appointment for red eye help online or by phone now.

Red Eyes Q & A

What are red eyes?

Red eyes mean your scleras, the whites of your eyes, have either diffuse redness (all-over redness) or dilated veins (bloodshot). It’s a very common problem for adults. 

What causes red eyes?

There are many different conditions that can cause red eyes:

  • Dry eyes - a chronic condition caused by poor eye lubrication
  • Blepharitis - eyelid inflammation
  • Cellulitis - eye or eyelid infection
  • Conjunctivitis - inflammation or infection in the conjunctiva
  • Corneal damage - scratches, ulcers, or other damage affecting the outer eye lens
  • Allergies - often occurring alongside respiratory symptoms like sneezing
  • Keratitis - corneal inflammation caused by injury or infection
  • Glaucoma - optic nerve damage within your eyes
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage - bleeding under your conjunctiva
  • Retinoblastoma - eye cancer affecting the retina 
  • Pterygium - fleshy corneal eye growth 
  • Uveitis - inflammation within the center eyewall layer, the uvea

Many other conditions could cause or at least worsen red eyes, including wearing contact lenses for long periods, digital eye strain, smoke exposure, and lack of restful sleep. 

Do red eyes require treatment from an ophthalmologist?

If you suddenly experience severe red eyes, develop eye pain or a headache along with red eyes, or have vision changes accompanying eye redness, it could be an emergency, so it’s important to contact Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, right away. 

If you have mildly red eyes that don't clear up in a couple of days, if you’re experiencing persistent eye irritation, or if your red eye spreads to the other eye, it's time to make an appointment with Wolchok Eye Associates, PA. You may have inflammation or infection that requires medical care to get better. 

In general, the best way to preserve your eye health is to find out the underlying reason for your red eyes as soon as possible. Without treatment, some causes of red eyes could potentially lead to vision loss. If you’re not sure whether your red eyes need treatment, Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is happy to advise and support you.

How do you treat red eyes?

As an experienced medical doctor who specializes in ophthalmology, Dr. Wolchok and the team use a wide variety of red eye treatments. They employ the latest technology to diagnose and treat your red eyes, ranging from eye drops to eye surgery. With appropriate treatment, you can look and feel better very quickly.

Protect your eyes by seeking expert red eyes care at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA. Book online or call the office today.