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I Need Eye Drops All Day Long: Is That OK?

 I Need Eye Drops All Day Long: Is That OK?

Is reaching for eye drops part of your daily routine — even multiple times per day? Perhaps you’ve started to question your use. That’s good; yes, you can overuse eye drops. 

At Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, in Jacksonville, Florida, our board-certified ophthalmologists can get to the root cause of your persistent need for eye drops during the day. There are several reasons why your eyes may feel itchy, irritated, or overly dry. 

The Food and Drug Administration has recalled certain over-the-counter eye drops. Your Wolchok ophthalmologist prescribes safe medical eye drops if you need them.   

Why see an eye specialist when you want to use eye drops all day long 

Your need for eye drops is likely masking a medical issue, whether it’s an eye condition or a condition another medical professional treats. Your overuse can cause a rebounding effect, meaning your eyes feel worse than they initially did. 

In addition, your eyes produce natural tears that help cleanse your eyes and keep them hydrated. Too many eye drops can interfere with natural tear production. 

You’re using eye drops to make your eyes feel better, but preservatives in eye drops can make your eyes feel worse. Manufacturers use preservatives so that you can use an entire bottle and make the eye drops last, but if you use eye drops too often, the preservatives are irritating. 

Of course, you don’t want your condition to worsen, whatever it is. It’s vital to find out why you need eye drops all the time. Your Wolchok ophthalmologist examines your eyes to determine the exact cause of your eye discomfort and prescribes a treatment to heal your condition.

Reasons why your eyes are irritated, itchy, red, or dry

Your eye problem could stem from a variety of reasons. Following are some of the common reasons you may be overusing eye drops. 


Allergies likely cause your symptoms if your Wolchok ophthalmologist finds your eyes aren’t infected. Allergies can strike suddenly at any time during your life and are a notable cause of eye discomfort.

If allergies are the culprit, we refer you to an allergist who performs comprehensive allergy testing to determine what allergens you react to. If it’s spring or fall, you may be allergic to trees, grasses, ragweed, or other pollen. Your reaction may also be due to a new laundry detergent, soap, perfume, or other substance. Using the allergy medicine that controls your reaction helps eliminate or reduce the need for eye drops. 

Dry eye syndrome 

Dry eye syndrome is a common cause of red, itchy, uncomfortable eyes. Too many antihistamines can result in dry eyes. Wearing contact lenses for too long, certain antidepressants, preservatives in some eye drops, exposure to smoke and chemicals, and a windy, dry environment can also cause the condition. 

We can help you make commonsense lifestyle changes to relieve dry eyes caused by environmental conditions or lifestyle habits, and if needed, prescribe safe eye drops to alleviate your symptoms.


Red, inflamed eyes can signal an infection. If your eyes are itching and burning, you could have pink eye, a viral or bacterial infection, or blepharitis, an infection of the eyelids. We provide you with prescription medication for an infection. 

Eye strain 

Are you one of many who work at a computer all day? Eye strain is a real issue. It can irritate your eyes. Making some simple changes in your habits can ease eye strain. 

Call Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, or book an appointment online if you’re using eye drops and feel no relief. We can make your eyes feel better. 

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