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The Link Between Dry Eyes and Depression

The Link Between Dry Eyes and Depression

Do dry eyes take the enjoyment out of your day? Perhaps you love to read, sew, paint, or enjoy another hobby that involves close use of your eyes. Your dry eye syndrome may cause you to put down the book or the paint brushes because your eyes hurt or you can’t see clearly. 

During your dry eye appointment, our caring ophthalmologists with Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, examine your eyes and review your medical history and medications. Your physician examines all factors that could be contributing to your dry eye syndrome and develops a treatment plan to help improve your quality of life. 

What happens to my eyes when I have dry eye syndrome? 

Your eyes need moisture to operate normally. Your body makes tears every time you blink — not only when you cry. Tears keep your eyes moist and protect them from dirt and bacteria that could cause infections. 

Many conditions can cause dry eyes, ranging from normal aging to some autoimmune diseases to vitamin A deficiency. Typical symptoms include when your body isn’t producing enough tears for your eyes, and they don’t have the moisture needed.

In addition to a dry or scratchy feeling, you may feel a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes. You might feel sharp pain, pressure, or feel like dirt is in your eye. Your eyes may look red. Another common symptom is blurry vision. 

What is the link between dry eyes and depression? 

In recent years, researchers have noted a possible link between dry eyes and depression. It’s a chicken and the egg question: which comes first? Scientists think a connection between the two could go both ways. Dry eyes may be a cause of depression, but depression may also possibly be one of the causes of dry eyes. 

It’s not hard to imagine that dry eyes can affect your mental health. The condition affects your everyday life. You may be unable to continue a favorite hobby or activity you’ve always loved because of your dry eyes. It’s a disappointment if that’s the case. 

You may be unable to continue wearing contact lenses and switch to glasses when you don't want to, or you may have had to give up driving at night even though you’re not a senior. In addition, as with any physical ailment, your overall mood may plummet when your eyes feel uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, depression could help contribute to dry eyes or make it worse. If you’re depressed, you may become sedentary and watch screens for hours during the day. Researchers have found that looking at screens too much may cause tears to evaporate too quickly. 

Help for dry eyes

We have a variety of solutions for dry eyes. There’s no need to suffer with today’s modern medicine available. We develop a treatment plan and adjust it according to your needs. 

Contact Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, today to help return your eyes to health. You can call us or book an appointment through our online portal. 

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