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Why Do My Eyes Always Look Red?

Why Do My Eyes Always Look Red?

Do the whites of your eyes frequently look like you’ve been crying because they’re red? Perhaps you think they’re red because you haven’t slept well or your allergies are acting up. 

If the problem hasn’t cleared up in a few days, you wonder what’s happening. Red eyes can make you look sick, and you want to clear them up.  

Red eyes can stem from a wide variety of issues. Some are minor, but others may be serious. At Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, our board-certified ophthalmologists review your medical history and examine your eyes thoroughly to determine why your eyes are red. We perform tests to rule out certain eye diseases and let you know how we treat your eyes to restore them to a normal appearance. 

You should see an ophthalmologist sooner rather than later when your eyes are red and don’t clear up in a few days. Red eyes can be a symptom of some conditions that can damage your vision. 

Common reasons for red eyes 

There’s a laundry list of reasons for red eyes. Some of the most common reasons for red eyes include the following:

Sometimes these problems get resolved with home remedies. If allergies cause your red eyes, seeing an allergist is essential when over-the-counter medications don’t work. If you have a broken blood vessel, using artificial tears can help. 

Using warm compresses over your eyes and a humidifier can help if you have red eyes because your eyes are dry. We help you resolve dry eye problems if home remedies don’t work. It’s vital to seek the help of an eye specialist if your dry eyes don’t get resolved with over-the-counter drops or home remedies because they can lead to vision problems.  

Seek medical help if you have red eyes along with other eye symptoms 

You should seek help from our ophthalmologists if your red eyes don’t resolve in a few days. If you have other symptoms along with red eyes, such as the following, you should seek help immediately: 

You could damage your cornea if you try to treat your ingrown eyelash yourself. Crusty eyes signal an infection. 

Other reasons for red eyes are numerous, and they can result in eye damage if left untreated. Some of the other reasons include the following: 

These problems and other infections and eye conditions require prompt medical attention. You want to treat them promptly to avoid complications. 

Call Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, or book an appointment through our online portal now so we can determine the reason behind your red eyes.

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